Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run – I See You Nintendo

I had heard news that Nintendo was releasing Super Mario Run¬†not too long ago. Yesterday, as I was looking through my Twitter feed, I¬†saw that the game had been released in a¬†tweet from IGN. So of course, I downloaded it right way…

When I opened the game, I was very impressed with the graphics and its’ overall feel.¬†It feels so much like classic Super Mario Bros. to me, and I love that about it! My first instinct was to play holding it in landscape position, like every other game I play on mobile, but you can’t. It only orientates vertical, and I really fail to understand the decision behind that.

Super Mario Run – Overview

Super Mario Run was released for iOS on December 15, 2016, and there currently isn’t a release date for Android. Even without Android users, it¬†blew the Pok√©mon Go day one download record out of the water, with 2.85 million downloads. That’s impressive, but I don’t think that is very surprising,¬†considering¬†Mario spans generations of people. It is also estimated by sources, that the game generated over $5 million in revenue¬†over the same time period. I will get to this part in just a moment.

Super Mario Run – Gameplay

Super Mario Run, purchase game screenI flew past the first 4 levels quickly, because in all honesty they are pretty easy. However, when I clicked to¬†play¬†World 1-4 ,the castle, boom, they hit you with it. (See left image) You¬†now must¬†purchase the game to continue any further. At a price tag of $9.99 it isn’t going to break the bank, but it did take me by surprise. So, getting back to before, of course Super Mario Run made $5 million, if people were paying¬†$9.99 to access the “full game.”

Super Mario Run, pink and purple coinsOne of the games you can play within the game is Toad Rally. It is a 1-on-1 foot race through a level against an opponent. I must¬†admit though, I was secretly¬†hoping it would be¬†like a mini Mario Kart game. Toad Rally requires tickets to play, which you can earn through random achievements. Just know, that you don’t get unlimited plays for this¬†by purchasing the game.¬†Which means undoubtedly, that the game includes micro-transactions (ugh, they make me cringe).

Another neat feature in the regular levels of the game, are the colored coins you can collect throughout a level. If you collect all 5 of these coins (they start as pink), something special happens the next time you return to that level. The difficulty of the level increases, and new colored coins appear for you to collect.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Mario, and the¬†series includes¬†some of my favorite video games. With that said,¬†I still don’t know that I would purchase Super Mario Run. I’m fairly certain that I wasn’t the only one left with a¬†bad taste in my¬†mouth over having to purchase the game, as it has a currently has a 2 1/2 star rating in the app-store.




Featured Photo by BagoGames / CC BY 2.0

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