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Marco Polo Canceled By Netflix After 2 Seasons

Much to my surprise, i’ve learned that the series Marco Polo, has been cancelled by Netflix. The show original premiered at the end of 2014, with season 2 appearing in mid 2016. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show had a loss of $200 million. Netflix and The Weinstein Company made a joint decision to cancel.

This would make the show the first ever in the history of Netflix to be canceled without a 3rd season run, and their 4th show ever canceled. The last show Netflix canceled was Bloodline, which I admit I never watched, and have no idea what it is about.

If you have’t seen Marco Polo, I would highly recommend watching it.

The show is a historical drama revolving around the famous 13th century Venetian merchant Marco Polo, and the time he spent with Kublai Khan. It’s only 20 episodes between both seasons, and each episode is around 55 minutes.

Personally, my boyfriend and I very much enjoyed Marco Polo. It is packed full of action and drama, and the show weaves in and out of story lines much like on Game Of Thrones. To my own disbelief, the show received pretty bad to mixed reviews across the board. Thankfully, I don’t dwell much on ratings and reviews, because I think they are so arbitrary.

We both particularly liked the character Hundred Eyes, played by Tom Wu. Hundred Eyes is a blind monk who is well versed in the art of Kung Fu. At the beginning of the series, Kublai Khan directs him to train Marco Polo, and their friendship ensues. In Season 2, we meet Lotus, played by Michelle Yeoh. She is Hundred Eyes’ former lover, and they have one of the most beautiful martial arts sequences that I have ever seen. I wouldn’t say that it is a fight scene, but more akin to a dance. Unfortunately, I can’t find a video to show you, but you can watch it in Season 2, Episode 5: “Lullaby”. You’ll be glad you did!

I do feel as though Season 2 fell off near the end, as it got confusing and messy. Nonetheless, I am still very disappointed that Marco Polo got canceled. It would have been nice to see it some-what closed up.

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