The House We Bought

Life Goals: We Bought A House!

Life is good! 😀

It’s been nearly 7 months now since we bought our house – which is why I have been so lazy with posting. There have been so many projects to do. More to come on that hopefully soon.

Apartment B

Anyway, after 2 years at our little apartment, we decided to buy a house. To be honest, we had the best luck ever, especially considering house hunting in Raleigh can be a buyers nightmare. Literally on day 2 we found the house and got an accepted offer.

On April 19th we closed on the house and the work began! I’ve changed out all the lighting fixtures, light switches and sockets, painted the entire inside, and probably a bunch of other little things I can’t remember. Since the temperature came down we recently planted some fruit trees in the back yard too!

We even adopted a dog (more on that to come too)!




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