Westworld, series 2016

My Descent Into The Series Westworld (HBO)

Westworld, 1973“Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world. The disarray. I choose to see the beauty.” – Dolores Abernathy, Westworld

With the marketing work that I do as part of my full-time job, I am in a constant immersion of Pop Culture. There was a lot of buzz surrounding Westworld when it first appeared on HBO back in October 2016. A majority of the content I passed though gave it rave reviews as well. I finally found some time to sit down and watch it, and I can tell this show is right up my alley.

Fun Fact: Did you happen to know that the series Westworld is actually a reboot/remake of sorts of a movie by the same name, from 1973?

Westworld: Episode 1 – The Original

So, I am only one episode into Westworld at this point, and the first episode was exceedingly confusing. This is a show that you are going to have to very actively watch and pay attention to, as not to get lost. It wasn’t until half-way through the first episode that I had a little bit of an idea as to what was going on. At this point I am vey interest in Dolores Abernathy’s story. And I already know I am going to love the “baddie” of the show, Man in Black (Ed Harris). He makes such a great bad guy!

Westworld, HBOWestworld: Preface

Not to jump back too far, but I think we need a little on what the actual show is about. Basically, Westworld is a real world environment, and in the show it is referred to as a “theme park.”  The cost is $40k a day, and there are different ones you can visit. In the first episode, we are in the Wild West. I don’t know if this changes at all throughout the season or not – we will see. In this place, you interact with robots, or what they call hosts, and the environment you are in. Hosts follow what are the general rules of robotics, like what you see in I, Robot. Hosts can however, in their set story lines and interactions, harm other Hosts. As a general rule, the more you go outward from the main town, the more dangerous the story lines become.

Although the preface and the idea behind Westworld isn’t original, as their has been a movie before, I do love the idea of what the show is about. I will be continuing Westworld this evening. And I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen.


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