• Brewery Bhavana - Glean
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    Brewery Bhavana

    On Sunday, Jack and I made an impromptu trip to Brewery Bhavana in downtown Raleigh. I had never been before, but had seen photos of the interior online, and the menu looked to die for. Unfortunately, when we got there at 5:15, only 15 minutes after opening we were told that there was an hour wait. We knew it was Father’s Day, but didn’t think about that when we were choosing a restaurant. Luckily, the hostess mentioned that there always tends to be no-shows and that a 5 o’clock reservation was a still a no show. She said to give her 20 minutes, so we sat at the bar and…

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  • Tonbo Ramen - Shoyu Ramen
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    Tonbo Ramen

    Ramen  (ラーメン) – A traditional Japanese dish consisting of Chinese wheat-noodles served in beef broth, and seasoned with soy or miso. Toppings vary and can include – pork, nori (seaweed), mushrooms, eggs, scallions, and pickled onions. Ramen in Raleigh Let’s be honest, the only ramen I’ve ever eaten in my life has come out of some kind of plastic wrap or a Styrofoam cup. So when I heard ramen was coming to Raleigh, I was beyond excited. Tonbo Ramen opened up back in February, but with mine and Jacks’ schedule, we just never had a good opportunity to check it out. However, it’s been raining the past week here…which makes…

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