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  • Westwrold season one, the maze

    Westworld Season One: What A Mindscrew

    “There is no threshold that makes us greater than the sum of our parts, no inflection point at which we become fully alive. We can’t define consciousness because consciousness does not exist. Humans fancy that there’s something special about the way we perceive the world, and yet we live in loops, as tight and as closed as the hosts do, seldom questioning our choices, content, for the most part, to be told what to do next.” – ¬†Robert Ford, Westworld¬†season one, episode 8 I swear HBO is so amazing. I mean, Game Of Thrones¬†is just so brilliantly done, and now this. The writing on Westworld¬†season one alone is extraordinary, and…

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  • Westworld, series 2016

    My Descent Into The Series Westworld (HBO)

    “Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world. The disarray. I choose to see the beauty.” – Dolores Abernathy, Westworld With the marketing work that I do as part of my full-time job, I am in a constant immersion of Pop Culture. There was a lot of buzz surrounding Westworld when it first appeared on HBO back in October 2016. A majority of the content I passed though gave it rave reviews¬†as well. I finally found some time to sit down and watch it, and I can tell this show is right up my alley. Fun Fact: Did you happen to know that the series Westworld is actually…

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  • slumdog millionaire

    Never Have I Ever: Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

    For my first edition of Never Have I Ever, I watched Slumdog Millionaire. Admittedly, I am unsure of how I have never watched the movie to begin with. Slumdog Millionaire¬†won over 150 awards, including an Oscar for Best Motion Picture of the Year. ¬†It was release in Nov. 2008, and is a little over 8 years old now. I was a senior in college at the time. As the years have passed, I feel like it is something that increasingly gets referenced in pop culture. Particularly¬†on The Big Bang Theory.¬†And somehow until now, I never managed to see it. Slumdog Millionaire¬†follows Jamal Malik (Dev Patel), and his appearance on the…

  • Best Netflix Movies

    Best Of The Best: Netflix Movies Of 2016

    I’ve been a subscriber to Netflix for quite a while now, and I think their line-up keeps getting better with time. You may have heard of these titles before, or maybe not, as some we found in the depths of the Netflix catalog. Here are some of the best Netflix movies that I watched in 2016. Best Netflix Movies   The Babadook (2014) The Babadook is by far one of favorite psychological thrillers, and one of the best Netflix movies, period. It’s about a boy named Sam who has frequent violent tantrums, and his mother, who is grieving at the loss of her husband. Sam comes across a mysterious book…

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  • Super Mario Run

    Super Mario Run – I See You Nintendo

    I had heard news that Nintendo was releasing Super Mario Run¬†not too long ago. Yesterday, as I was looking through my Twitter feed, I¬†saw that the game had been released in a¬†tweet from IGN. So of course, I downloaded it right way… When I opened the game, I was very impressed with the graphics and its’ overall feel.¬†It feels so much like classic Super Mario Bros. to me, and I love that about it! My first instinct was to play holding it in landscape position, like every other game I play on mobile, but you can’t. It only orientates vertical, and I really fail to understand the decision behind that.…

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  • Marco Polo on Netflix

    Marco Polo Canceled By Netflix After 2 Seasons

    Much to my surprise, i’ve learned that the series¬†Marco Polo,¬†has been cancelled by Netflix. The show original premiered¬†at the end of 2014, with season 2 appearing in mid 2016. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show had¬†a loss of $200 million. Netflix and The Weinstein Company made a joint decision to cancel. This would make the show the first ever in the history of Netflix to be canceled without a 3rd season run, and their 4th show ever canceled. The last show Netflix canceled¬†was Bloodline, which I admit I never watched, and have no idea what it is about. If you have’t seen Marco Polo, I would highly recommend watching¬†it.…

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  • christmas lights bokeh

    ‘Tis The Season – The Best Christmas Movies

    I absolutely love Christmas time, and it pains me that we have no room in our apartment for my Christmas tree. Hopefully, that will all change next year. Aside from loving to do the Christmas tree, and making Christmas dinner, Christmas movies have always held a special place in my heart.¬†Even though you find most of them mainly on cable, and commercials are literally the worst, it’s always worth it! Check out some of the best Christmas movies below. Love Actually (2003) I love, love, love, Love Actually. I have seen this movie so many times, that before long, I will have to buy a new copy of it. Even…

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  • original nintendo controller

    Top 5 Favorite Video Games Of All Time

    For my first blog post, I wanted to do something not so serious, as I tend to be a serious person. So, why not do a list? Of what you say? My favorite video games of all times, of course! I’ve played video games ever since I was a kid. My first system was the Classic Nintendo, and my first gaming memories include Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. My other systems have included the Original Gameboy, SNES, N64, Wii, XBox 360, and the Xbox One. It has always been something that I have thoroughly enjoyed, even as an adult. Without further adieu, here goes nothing. 5. Goldeneye 007 (N64)…

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